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Happy Thanksgiving

This year we hosted my brother and made way more dinner than three people should eat, but that’s all a ruse anyway – it’s all about Black Friday Pie at our house.

Black Friday Pie is, simply, the greatest pot pie you’ll ever eat. Basically, you par-bake a pie crust (as if you were baking a crust for a cream pie) and then layer in your leftovers, leaving mashed potatoes for the “top crust meringue-wannabe” and on Black Friday, you throw it back in the oven to warm through – about 20 mins at 325.

Ours is layered like so: turkey, cheesy corn, stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes. WIN.

Once it’s heated through, we top a slice with a dollop of cranberry sauce. This savory leftover pie of awesome is our favorite tradition. We graze on it during the day, watching movies and ignoring the sales, and then order chinese food for dinner. Our little family, and our little traditions we’ve made up all on our own make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

What traditions have you started yourselves?

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  • Megan


    OMG! This is GENIUS!!! If only I could actually cook Thanksgiving dinner and then actually create something this amazing from its leftovers. But I shall try to pass this along to other people who can actually do... ANYTHING in the kitchen. Just had to say that this sounds brilliant.

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