About Liz

Liz is a self described Pepsi addict who married her sword-wielding urban viking (who probably inspired the “What’s in YOUR wallet?” commercials) on 1-1-11. Originally from Nebraska, she spent some time on the East Coast but left before it made her hard-hearted, landing back in the Midwest, where she thrives. She sews, paints, cooks, bakes, plays with paper, computers and cats, loves chocolate, peanut butter, and popcorn, and frequently purges her apartment to make room for more fabric, craft supplies, and projects to play with.

She sometimes stops speaking in the third person, too!

At least long enough to cop to a number of other addictions, including quilt-top-making, movie-watching, Scrabble and other board games, occasionally DMing a game for friends, crafting silly little gifts for folks, and finding people who will enjoy the pretty handmade things that pile up in the DONE section of the guest bedroom.