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Welcome Offbeat Brides!

If you’ve found my little corner of the internet clicking through a DIY tutorial on OffBeat Bride, chances are you’re looking for more DIY goodies — welcome and thanks for stopping by.

Archives of DIY projects not found on OffBeat Bride are available on a slightly-less-regular basis than the OBB blog, where I’m enjoying a stint as the DIY Contributing Editor.


Offbeat Brides are welcome here, but this is not a wedding planning blog. This is a place where I post about Saving the Spark in my relationship. I believe it’s important to give love and attention to your significant other(s) everyday. This is where I live my (online) happyish ever after.

Here at Sword in the Stove, I post irregularly about things like dating my husband (date nights that don’t *usually* suck), praising friends-as-families, recipes I’ve really enjoyed making and eating, and “good cry” links that I find uplifting.

When I was planning my wedding, I tried to remember that there was life outside of planning – dating your fiance is a good way to remember why you’re doing the whole wedding thing in the first place – and I found that random “good cry” time gave me perspective and helped me be satisfied with good-enough stuff.

I hope that if you’ve found me here while planning your own wedding, you can find some projects you’d like to DIY, but also that you’ll find some healthy distractions from planning and remember to snuggle your significant other.

Congratulations and happy planning – have a beautiful day in a beautiful life together!