Philosophizing + Food

Giving is my love-language. It’s how I show I care. I give food, I give time, I give attention, I give silly little crafted things, and I give huge crazy crafted things. I love giving. It makes me feel amazing to see someone I care about pleased, touched, or otherwise made happy with something I put time, energy and love into.

I also like to keep track of things that work well I’d like to do again, to let out the good-cry stories, photos, videos and things from the interwebs that make me tear up, and to make a point of praising friends-as-family, because that choice to love each other is a powerful gift in and of itself.

Here you’ll find a small collection of these thoughts and ideas, and an occasional recipe I can’t get enough of at my house. Hope you and your house have room for some comfort food, some good cries, and some gratitude for what’s around.